You'll have a year in this bug-infested forest to prepare for winter

Find and catch bugs all around the forest, gather up as many insects as you can and expand your production until you get the necessary resources to be able to hibernate safely


  • 4 Unique insects to expand your forest with, each one with their own funcionality and resource
  • Diferent seasons that go by will have different effects for your forest
  • With each winter comes a huge storm in form of a resource-check you will need to surpass, you can expend all the surplus to get stronger for the next year
  • Watch how your forests gets richer the more you advance into the game
  • Watch out for different events that may shake things off, a drought or even a storm can alter up your progression


  • WASD to change between cameras
  • Click to interact
  • Esc to Pause


Julio Paniagua Marin: Design & Programming.

Manuel Dominguez Candau: Design & Testing.

Artem Anikin Zhytsky: Design & Visuals.

Game made for the 2021 Github Game Off.


ItsBugSeason.rar 63 MB

Install instructions

Download and extract the .rar and open the .exe file.


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